Businesses & Tech Teams.Move And Sync Your Data To The Cloud.Unlock Access To Your Digital Assets.

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Is your Current Data Environment Like This?

Expensive recurring licence fees?

Doesn't mesh with development teams ways of working?

Missing integration with source control?


Hard to upgrade?

Unreliable or hard to support?

A black box of complexity?

Missing data lineage?

Requires a dedicated dev team?

Unlock Access To Your Data - Easily Make Your Data Available in the cloud

Unlock access to your data assets

Event-enable your relational data in the cloud

Go from ground to cloud easily

Supply data to 3rd parties without building one-off extracts or APIs

Build a data lake in the cloud

Land your data in the cloud's most reliable and cost effective storage

Use a Microservices Architecture

Tailor your integrations - flexible logging, monitoring and CI/CD

Use simple, scalable & extensible building blocks, with a low cost to run

A data movement processes that work along side your microservices

Stream data changes to your microservices

Auto-repairing stateless data feeds

Use your existing cloud infrastructure with a containerised full stack for data movement

Adopt Flexible Ways of Working

Run identical code in dev and production

Config-driven data extracts

Stateless data extracts for minimal maintenance

Easily automate data movements on schedule and on demand

Hydrate microservices with data and allow them collect updates consistently

Make historical data sets easy to access and consume

Interact programatically with your data movement jobs

Trigger data movement jobs on business events

Align your data movement environment with your DevOps culture

Improve Transparency & Reporting

View and share your data feed status, health & timing

Easily monitor data movements in real-time

Easily integrate logging and statistics with modern open-source components

Anyone can answer the question
"How old is my data?"